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Inspection of Paseo del Bajo – Section B: South Semi-Covered Trench

Paseo del Bajo is a 7-kilometer multipurpose road corridor located between the Puerto Madero neighborhood and the downtown area in the City of Buenos Aires. It stretches from Brasil Avenue and the 25 de Mayo freeway to the Retiro toll booths on the Illia freeway, with an exit ramp to the Retiro Bus Terminal and another one that connects with the Port of Buenos Aires.

The project as a whole has 12 lanes;,4 express lanes exclusively for long-distance trucks and buses, and 8 for light vehicles: 4 northbound lanes on Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo – Av. Antártida Argentina and 4 southbound lanes on Av. Ing. Huergo – Madero.

The complex is complemented by 15 transversal crossings: 10 for vehicles and 5 for pedestrians.

The work was carried out by the Ministry of Urban Development and Transportation through Autopistas Urbanas S.A. (AUSA); different alternatives had been conceived since the 1970s, and now it benefits more than 135,000 people who cross the city every day.

Paseo del Bajo is the final link to complete a rapid circulation ring through the City of Buenos Aires that allows to reorganize and segregate the heavy traffic accessing the port area.

In Section B, INECO, the engineering company of the Ministry of Development of the Kingdom of Spain, together with AC&A, were in charge of the Inspection of the Works, consisting of the construction of a 2-kilometer semi-covered trench with four lanes, in addition to a ramp area at the beginning of the section to descend from the level of the South Node viaduct deck (Section A) to the level of the bottom slab of the trench. The construction technology used for the semi-covered trench was the cast and pile wall with beams for the 10 vehicle and pedestrian bridges.

At the same time, INECO together with AC&A also inspected the complementary works carried out in the port of Buenos Aires in Dock F, which included the construction of a completely new three-section road bridge.

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