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AC&A at Expoagro 2023

On Thursday, March 9, our company was present at the conference entitled \”Mobile Solar Irrigation System for Extensive and Intensive Agricultural Applications”, within the framework of the Expoagro – YPF Edition.

During the event, held at the Agtech John Deere auditorium of the San Nicolás Fairgrounds and racetrack, Eng. Bruno Agosta, Director of Engineering and Construction Inspections referred to the first large-scale Mobile Solar Irrigation System, promoted in 2022 by the firm GVS-Solar. Actually, part of the engineering of this novel product was executed by AC&A.

This sustainable device was the result of several years of research and development. Its prototype unit was built and implemented in 2020, when field tests were carried out in a real large-scale solar irrigation project. The interaction was measured through field sensors and the results of agronomic trials.
In relation to its characteristics, this system can maintain constant pressure and flow to supply pivot equipment, that is, generate the necessary energy and power regardless of solar radiation to supply a large-scale pivot or drip system.

In 2022, version 2.0 of the product was launched, a lower weight version with a material efficiency that allows to incorporate a battery with greater capacity. Furthermore, its new engineering design offers the possibility of expanding the installed power using higher power panels.

This comprehensive, intelligent, autonomous and mobile irrigation system has a triple impact: lower operation and maintenance costs of the equipment, higher minimum yields (by promoting the efficient use of water resources), expansion of the agricultural frontier (the lower irrigation cost makes it possible for large extensions of semi-desert areas to generate fodder and/or crops, notoriously changing their productive level, increasing the value of the land and generating jobs in remote areas).

From AC&A we celebrate this new participation in Expoagro, promoting permanent technological innovation and the exchange of knowledge.

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