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The 101st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the US Academy of Sciences and Engineering is being held between January 9-13. AC&A has attended and participated in the most important annual meeting of the transportation industry through sessions and the exhibition of technical content.

After a year of remote work, the TRB resumes the in-person events to share ideas and possible solutions between public, private and academic attendees from all sectors of the industry in the development of new essential relationships for the future.\"\"

Given the health situation that has affected the transport industry, the TRB has analyzed the impact of the pandemic on the use of public transport and aviation, changes in travel patterns, the interruption of the supply chain, the role of transport on climate change, the impact of the US infrastructure bill and the impact of artificial intelligence on transportation. The program includes sessions on topics such as \”social equity, safety and urban mobility\”, \”safety and sustainable mobility\”, \”social inclusion, gender equality and sustainable mobility\”, \”digital inequalities\”, in relation to digital inequality in public transport and how people deal with it.

AC&A had an outstanding participation especially in the exhibition of advances in the use of Artificial Intelligence in the projects it carries out, as well as in the Committee meetings where part of the AC&A team contributes to the generation of knowledge. It should be noted that our company is the regional company in Latin America with the most active presence in the TRB.



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