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The new Piaye bridge in the Caribbean: better road safety and quality of life for the island of St. Lucia

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Thus, AC&A was in charge of the project management and inspection of the works for a new bridge located in Piaye, on the southern coast of Saint Lucia over the only road that connects the whole island, and as a result it represented a top priority for the country.

The purpose of the project was to replace a single-lane bridge that was highly unsafe, causing delays and conflicts in traffic. The new bridge is intended to improve the quality of life both for the 5,000 people living in the area and for the users from other regions of the island.

The new bridge is formed by a steel frame fixed to a concrete deck using shear connectors. The project also includes the protection of abutments and slopes, the design and construction of new access and it required the installation of a temporary Bailey bridge to demolish the existing bridge and build the new one on the same site.

AC&A was in charge of the project management and the technical, environmental and social inspection of the work that was financed by the World Bank through a loan specifically designed to strengthen the resilience of infrastructure to climate change of in Saint Lucia.

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