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Infrastructure Economics and Planning

We apply innovative methodologies to analyze the feasibility of infrastructure projects.

Transportation Engineering

We have extensive experience in transportation engineering projects, serving both public and private clients across various scales, including complex urban environments.

Engineering and Architecture Design

We specialize in developing conceptual, basic, advanced, and detailed designs for a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Construction and Project Management

We actively collaborate with our clients throughout the implementation stages of infrastructure projects, assuming various roles to meet their needs effectively.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Employing state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, we specialize in infrastructure asset evaluation and management.

Social and Environmental Services

Comprehensive provision of Social and Environmental studies and plans within infrastructure projects.


Our professionals strive to materialize our customers’ ideas in the following sectors:

  • Streets, Highways and Freeways
  • Railway and Metros
  • Mass Rapid Transit
  • Urban systems
  • Sustainable and Active Transport

  • Ports and Waterways

  • Airports

  • Renewable Energy

  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure

  • Mining Infrastructure

Economics and Planning

Application of innovative and objective methodologies based on the latest global theoretical developments.

Transportation Planning

Surveying, diagnosis and generation, evaluation and implementation of solutions for the development of efficient and sustainable transport systems.

Engineering and Architecture Design

Conceptual, basic, detail and construction design for large infrastructure works and transport systems.

Construction Supervision

Project Management .

Infrastructure Management

We have state-of-the-art equipment and procedures for the evaluation and management of infrastructure.

Environmental and Social Management

Environmental and Social Impact Studies of engineering works.


We build strategic alliances with different international organizations and institutions. This allows us to expand our operational capabilities and ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services.


ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) refers in practice to the factors that make a company sustainable through their social, environmental and good governance engagement, without neglecting the financial aspects. It took sustainability to another level by including social concerns and the responsible corporate management of environmental aspects.

Our history

We founded our company in Buenos Aires in 1999 and since then we have developed over 400 projects in 40 countries worldwide. We offer innovative, comprehensive and high added-value solutions to our customers.

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